Par 3 Golf in Myrtle Beach

Midway Par 3

Get your short game on! Midway Par 3 in Myrtle Beach combines all of the elements that golfers look for in a challenging golf course but within the confines of a shorter, more strategic par 3 environment.

Midway Par 3

Nestled on the south end of Myrtle Beach, Midway Par 3 is home to the only "situation golf" course along the Grand Strand. The principle design feature of Midway Par 3 is its true championship golf playability within the setting of a Myrtle Beach par 3 golf course. On each tee box, players will experience a realistic lie from which they will tee off. On 18 of the 27 holes at Midway Par 3, your tee box options include a downhill, uphill or side-hill lie, a fairway, waste or grass bunker, or even a hard bump and run.

Additionally, Midway Par 3 boasts excellent playing conditions and beautiful scenery that is comparable to any of the larger championship golf course counterparts in Myrtle Beach. Not only do the eye-pleasing water hazards and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean create a great playing experience, but the shorter, more strategic layout of Midway Par 3 allows players to score their career round.

Regardless of your level of play, Midway Par 3 is a Myrtle Beach golf course worth experiencing. Seasoned golfers have a great opportunity to strengthen their short game skills while the beginner can learn and understand some of the basic concepts of the game of golf, and, more specifically, how the golf ball responds when hit from different lies and surfaces.

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Midway Par-3 3101 South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach
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